Design & Development


Any engineering project involves a complex decision-making process – design – the success of, which is measured in the effectiveness of the project. We play a major part in the early stages of decision-making. And we understand of basic design principles, which help to ensure success.

We have a state-of-the-art design facility with hands-on design experience in CAD CAM software’s.

Our Design process is broken into following phases:

  • Scope Definition and Engineering Execution Strategy

    In this phase we defined the structure of component, manufacturing strategy & concept for die, mold.

  • Commencement of Detailed Design

    In this phase we prepare a 3d model in cad software, & according to engineering execution strategy defined in early phase, execute the required changes.

  • Initial Design Development

    In this phase, we make selection of material, weight calculation & consideration of customer specification, definition of std parts. Cost calculation is also prepared to finalized the budget for the project.

  • Initial Design Review & Analysis

    In this phase the design review take place with help of customer & detailed analysis carried out with help of analysis software.

  • Approval for Design (AFD)

    The design is executed with customer approval. Along with the cost of project.

  • Approval for Manufacturing (AFM)

    In this we approve & release all drawing for manufacturing.

  • Design Close-Out

    In this phase we ensure all final design deliverables are completed and that client and statutory obligations are satisfactorily resolved.

Our Valuable Customer

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